Dr Disrespect calls on Apex Legends Developers to Fix Hack Problem - Apex Legends Moments
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Dr Disrespect calls on Apex Legends Developers to Fix Hack Problem

There is no doubt that Apex Legends has made a statement in the gaming world.  But Is hacking a problem? Hacking in video is fun and game as seen as art to some, but others “cheating”. Is there a lack of necessary anti-cheat measures that provides a level playing field for all? There was one player specifically that has racked up a high count in kills while using an aimbot.  Pro gamers such as Dizzy are at awe with enemies blatant use of hacks.

The popular gamer Dr Disrespect has announced his wish for Apex Legends developers to address the hackers infesting the game.  This was addressed after the Dr Disrespect and his team were taken out by players that seemed to be hackers.  “It’s getting worse and worse,” Dr Disrespect announced referring to the hacking. He followed up by saying “I got to send an alert out right now. ALERT Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, creators of Madden, alert alert alert: Your hackers are thriving in your brand new Apex Legends game right now. It’s a virus, we got to shut em down. Alert.”

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